About Us

We are a results-driven digital marketing agency based in Orange County out of Laguna Beach, California.

At Pacific Shores Digital, our first priority is your Return on Investment. The measure of our success is how much we help your business grow and succeed!

Most businesses suffer from a lack of consistent results when it comes to Digital Marketing. Our customers come to us frustrated after spending time and money with little or no results to show for it. Even worse, they are often skeptical after being burned by agencies that prey on clients’ lack of technical knowledge. All smoke and mirrors, no substance.

We turn things around by implementing proven strategies. We are passionate about creating campaigns that produce measurable, game-changing results.

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The Team


Krista Ricchi

Krista lived and worked abroad in Florence, Italy for 8 years. After developing a broad skill set in marketing and customer service, she built a successful, bilingual Social Media Management business. Now back in her native Southern California, Krista brings an internationally- minded approach to the table, and a passion for creating the perfect marketing strategy for each business.


Haley Randolph

As a Boise State graduate who carried a double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management, Haley cut her teeth on digital marketing at the top healthcare marketing firm in the UK, and specialized in email marketing and SEO. Haley’s dedication and work ethic drive her to constantly learn new skills to stay at the top of her game.


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