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Why Is Website Design So Important?

Your Website is more than just an online store or brochure. It’s the face of your brand, and is often the first impression that your customers get of your business.

Imagine you have an important client coming in to meet you. I’m betting that getting ready that morning, you would make sure to wear clean, professional clothes. You’d make sure your office is ready to host your guest. During the meeting you would communicate clearly and confidently.

Well, with a badly-designed website, you might as well be showing up in dirty wrinkled clothes and rambling until your client leaves frustrated and unimpressed.

Your website communicates not only your services, but your values. If you value your customer’s time, you’ll invest in a website that gives them a great user experience.

Website Design That Converts Views Into Sales

Lots of business owners that we come across see their website as an expense rather than an investment, and understandably so!

Websites cost money. They cost money to make and to maintain. If your website isn’t doing the work of turning visitors into customers, it’s just a black hole that you’re dumping money into. That’s why our website design is centered around the concept of conversion, but that’s not where it ends.

To have a website that brings in sales, you need to think beyond just the initial design.Our approach to websites is NOT set it and forget.

How Do We Do It?

When you have Pacific Shores Digital running your website, you have a team focused on tracking and improving it’s effectiveness.

  • We specialize in mobile-first design (80% of web traffic comes from mobile devices)
  • We SEO-optimize every page so that your customers find you organically
  • We proactively keep your website up to date to prevent technical disasters

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