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Your Customers Are on Facebook

Marketing has always been about knowing where your customers are and how to reach them. That hasn’t changed.

Once upon a time, billboards and TV commercials were the only option. They were (and still are) expensive, with results that were nearly impossible to track. Now we can track not only how many people our digital ads reach, but exactly how effective our message or offer is.


I know what you’re thinking. “We have a Facebook page and we post all the time! It doesn’t do us any good. I’m starting to think that Social Media is a big waste of time.”

Well, once upon a much more recent time, posting great content on Facebook was all you had to do. Now even the people that like your page are rarely going to see what you post.

Why Facebook Advertising Works

Facebook has a business model and it’s not giving away the valuable attention of it’s users for free.

The upside? In exchange, Facebook gives you the most precise, valuable targeting capabilities that have ever existed in the history of marketing. This allows us show your ads directly to people who are ready to buy your product.

Once we have tested, tweaked, and perfected your ad and dialed in to your perfect audience, we can simply scale up your advertising until you can barely handle all the business coming in, or you get bored of making money.

Do you even need our help with Facebook advertising?

Unless you’re already an expert marketer and incredibly tech savvy, we don’t recommend going the DIY route. Facebook will be happy to take your money in exchange for views, likes, and follows, but those won’t pay the bills.

How do we do it?

  • We handle all of the technical setup and tracking.
  • We craft the perfect message, and target your ideal customers.
  • We monitor, test, and optimize everything. The ad copy, the image, the landing page, email follow ups. All of it.

You end up with a campaign that gets you consistent, scalable results.

Are you ready to have a winning Facebook Advertising campaign that brings in business while you sleep?

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